We all like to save money shopping online. it’s getting the package to Bermuda that gets expensive. When you ship via U. S. Express we consolidate your small packages into larger boxes at our U.S. Forwarding Centre. That way we can offer convient shipping to Bermuda while passing the savings on to you.

Try out our shipping estimator to see how much you can save.
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Tips for getting your U. S. Express package fast


  • An invoice MUST accompany your shipment or it will be delayed until one can be provided. This is required by Bermuda Customs for duty purposes.
  • We suggest that once your supplier confirms your order and emails you and invoice you should immediatly forward that invoice to us at usexpress@mailboxesunlimited.com and include "Heads Up" in the subject line.

  • Your U.S. Express address must be complete on all shipping labels and must include your name and U.S. Express address.

  • Ask your supplier to express by courier your shipment via DHL, U.P.S., or FedEx to your U.S. Express address. This will expedite your shipment to Bermuda.

  • Request that your supplier ship your order complete. Partial shipments are more expensive when added together and are complicated and confusing for Customs to calculate the correct duty, possibly resulting in delayed clearance and errors in duty charges.

  • Check the weight and size of your shipment before shipping so that you can accurately estimate the costs before they ship to Bermuda. Then use our shipping estimator to determine the shipping cost.

  • No single package can exceed 150lbs. in weight.

  • A rule of thumb: large light items (i.e. pillows, .) go by size not weight and can be quite expensive. Use our shipping estimator to get a clear idea of cost.