Use this calculator to estimate your shipping costs.


The shipping weight of a package is determined by comparing the actual weight to the "dimensional weight." Whichever is larger is the billable weight for the package.
Dimensional weight is calculated by measuring the size of the package in inches and then using this equation:

( Length X Width X Height ) divided by 139 = Dimensional Weight.

Dimensional Weight :
Shipping Cost :

If you are shipping only books the shipping rate is slightly lower.

Fuel Adjustment :
Total Shipping Cost:


Use this tool to itemise the contents of your shipment and calculate duty.

The duty on many items is 22.25% however there may be more items than you realise that attract lower duties, and higher ones.

Duty :
TotalDuty :
Wharfage :
Insurance :
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Total Estimated Cost

Total Shipping Cost:
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